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Jason Hughes is the primary CEO, Chairman, and founder of the Hughes Marino business empire. He started his professional career back in the 1980s operating for Wakefield and Cushman around Los Angeles. Later on, he moved to San Diego, where he was employed to represent municipal and non-profit organizations tenant’s welfare. Jason Hughes took around 30 years serving these tenants regarding their purchase and lease negotiations. In addition, he has diligently worked with his beloved wife to help those struggling with leasing and buyer representation. As a result, Hughes Marino has intensively represented buyers and tenants in their negotiations, making it the leading industry globally with incredible offices across the state.


As the physical distancing analysis, Jason Hughes and his wife have specialized in offering impeccable customer services compared to other competitive empires. They also guarantee positive results to their loyal customers to maintain their positive reputation in the long run. With his unique professional experiences and expertise, he has pioneered the latest legislation referred to as the SB 1171 or Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. According to Jason Hughes, this outstanding bill was acknowledged by Governor Brown around 2014 and went into effect around 2015. That law enhances fairness and transparency between parties and recommends having a written agreement whenever dealing with a broker. 


It also allows tenants to craft outstanding conflicts of interest based on their agreement. According to a recent Hughes Marino review, Jason Hughes has expertise in negotiating valuable leases, participating in loan programs, and developing innovative finance projects (LinkedIn). 


Successful businessman and CEO Jason Hughes also purchases and transacts leases specifically for approximately 10 million square feet. Besides, he has helped many tenants struggling with lease transactions around Sorrento Mesa, Carmel Valley, the UTC area, and Downtown San Diego over decades. Jason Hughes is mainly known as a commercial leasing advisor across the state of California. He pursued his Business Administration degree program from the San Diego University, specializing in leasing finance. Additionally, he has engaged in several executive courses at UCSD Rady School of Management, Harvard University, and UCLA Anderson Business School.