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C&C Alpha Group, a private company, founded by Bhanu Choudhrie, provides several services in various fields, including health, real estate, hospitality, and aviation. The British-Indian entrepreneur who specializes in emerging markets believes in offering back to society through charity projects.

The adverse effects of Covid 19 did not leave Bhanu Choudhrie’s two markets, aerospace and hospitality. The pandemic made it clear that businesses need to adapt to new situations. However, as each challenge creates a unique need, there was a need for reinvention in the market.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s companies have a good reputation, and there are many investment opportunities. Given the time and energy required to do business, the C&C Alpha Group pays special attention to partners. As a venture capitalist, Bhanu Choudhrie believes companies should focus on long-term partnerships. His enterprise aided other companies and helped them enter new markets. With experienced project managers, developers, consultants, and experts, Bhanu Choudhrie assists small businesses to thrive.

Alpha Aviation Group, a pilot company, is an investment that has shown great potential. The company has been incubated for almost a decade and has a high reputation in the international community. Amidst the pandemic challenges, the company plans to change its pilot training model to cope with the new changes. Despite its positive impact on various sectors, Bhanu Choudhrie remains optimistic that opportunities entrepreneurs should succeed. Not surprisingly, he always succeeds in all his approaches.

Charity is a way to help and give back to society. Bhanu Choudhrie’s charitable activities are primarily aimed at children. She wants to help children with disabilities and fulfill their wishes. He borrowed his spirit of giving from Hindu Philosophy that those who give always get blessings. As a child, he also visited children’s homes and noticed the kind of suffering they face. Bhanu Choudhrie believes various organizations can reach out to those in need during the pandemic. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Twitter.