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Since the formation of the financial firm in New York the year 1998, the trend in the financial industry has dramatically changed. The Fortress Investment Group has set a groundbreaking pace in the industry that serves as a role model to other companies. The firm has built an excellent name for itself as a private financial firm in the world.

In consideration of the analysis done in the firm, Fortress Investment group manages over $40 billion worth of assets. The analysis has revealed that these assets are for more than one thousand seven hundred investors located in different world zones. The firm owns a vast financial portfolio that accommodates both private and institutional investors regardless of their localities.

Having its head offices based in the New York, the Fortress Investment Group has opened up more offices across the globe as one way of diversifying its services to different parts of the world and reaching more investors. The company has employed approximately nine hundred people serving in its head offices and subsidiaries in different world zones.

The management team recruits highly experienced individuals in financial matters for the well-being of its customers. The firm exceptionally serves its clients and enhances high levels of customer experience to ensure that every individual is satisfied. In the recent years, the company has acquired several investment projects, which has triggered the company’s growth.

The Fortress Investment Group was established with a clear trajectory of reviving the finance industry. The firm was established by financial enthusiasts who were initially working at the Goldman Sachs in the United States. The founders had acquired steel knowledge about financial matters, which has contributed to the exponential growth of the Fortress.

A couple of years ago, the company ventured into the real estate industry and acquired several apartments in different parts of the United States.