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managed chaos

Unfortunately, the increasing philanthropic and political predicament in Haiti has not yet drawn global attention accordingly. Therefore, Georgette Mulheir´s Defend Haiti’s Democracy alongside other partners have gathered the relevant professionals, local and international, to find the relevant solutions. The crisis in Haiti has been persistent for about two years, and in the past few months, the situation has just intensified. The catastrophe emanates from an authoritarian leader who does not want to exit power, exploiting human rights, hitting hard on the opponents among other things. 


Georgette Mulheir knows that Haiti lacks a functional parliament and even no formidable government exists. The legal specialists in Haiti and beyond claim that the president should leave once the term is over, but the current one does not want to exit peacefully. A few days ago, the IHRC offered a report that evidenced the growth of state-engineered massacres, murders, rapes, and kidnappings in Haiti (Newsanyway). 


The attacks were directed at the government opponents. Georgette Mulheir points out that the legal specialists who discovered the abuses claim that they were crimes instigated against humanity. They will research the situation and even the professionals will gain the relevant solutions to restore peace in the embattled political environment. Georgette Mulheirs says the report also retaliates that the crime results in Haiti were attributed to the state, and have tangible repercussions for accountability. This enables other nations to convict the perpetrators living outside Haiti, and the situation amounts to crimes against humanity to be addressed at the ICC. 

How severe the situation is witnessed on the effects human rights and democracy have experienced especially in Myanmar. The global community has censured the junta in Naypyidaw that has been silent on sensitive Haitian issues, Georgette Mulheir explains. The UN has repeatedly supported a constitutional referendum initiated by President Moise. However, the legal professionals believe that he intends to extend his term in power. Georgette Mulheir, mainly called George, co-founded the famous movement, Defend Haiti’s Democracy. The organization is an international children’s rights activist. Georgette has a global career emanating from her youthful years because she participated in social justice initiatives like Amnesty International among others. Georgette Mulheir settled in Northern England where she kick started her career, as a social worker.