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An article was recently written and published on Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. The article was published on the website, and it details the success that he has had with the company Hawkers. The article begins with a quick introduction to what Hawkers is and how Alejandro Betancourt Lopez got involved with the company. The article notes that Hawkers is a sunglasses retailer and Alejandro is an investor in the company.

The article then gets more in-depth with the story of the company and details how the company was started by a group of friends. The article notes that the friends were just looking to resell the sunglasses online, but it became very successful. The success led to the group of friends wanting to expand, which is where Alejandro came in.

The article then discusses how Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to use social media to promote the company. The article details how Alejandro was able to utilize Instagram from marketing at a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods.

Then, as the company started to gain more traction, they had to start looking into growth opportunities. The article notes how Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was crucial in this step with the company due to his experience and success with scaling other businesses. The article then highlights the new line of sunglasses that Hawkers is coming out with. The article mentions that the new line of sunglasses will be environmentally friendly, which Alejandro takes pride in and more

The article ends by discussing the potential takeaways that other companies and individuals can take away from the growth of Hawkers. Throughout the article, there are a handful of takeaways that other businesses and individuals can learn from. However, the individual that wrote this article wanted to highlight how the group of individuals that started Hawkers were not afraid to ask for help.