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Haroldo Jacobovicz is not your ordinary entrepreneur, as he comes with a wealth of experience in running and managing successful businesses. Haroldo is a trained civil engineer, but he has a passion for the information technology field, where he has founded three quite successful companies. Haroldo Jacobovicz has established the e-Governe Group, Horizon Datacenter, and Horizon Telecom.

Haroldo’s three companies in the field of technology were all founded to bring together the readily available human resources and technical expertise combined with technology to solve some of the industry problems they were facing. Haroldo believes that information technology offers the best platform and resources to deliver solutions in most market challenges.

The three companies started by Haroldo Jacobovicz have had a significant impact in the industry in the private sector and in areas that are considered the public sector. He prides himself for being part of the team that is working tirelessly to transform the Brazilian market.

His telecom company, Horizon telecommunication, has been at the forefront in providing technological solutions in information technology. For instance, Horizon telecom was entirely instrumental in laying down the Brazilian fibre network. The company fibre network is one of the best in the country, with approximately 100 per cent multipoint non-redundancy. They are also known for providing the most advanced technology equipment that one can find in any part of the world.

Horizon Telecommunication has won accolades and awards from internationally recognized bodies for their role in transforming the Brazilian market. In 2010, Horizon telecommunication got named one of the best companies in the supply of telecommunication equipment within Brazil and the entire region. The company beat other seasoned companies in the industry to emerge as the winner in this category.

The success posted by Horizon telecom informed the founding and incorporation of yet another success story by Haroldo Jacobovicz known as Horizon Datacenter. This new sibling got founded to serve clients from Horizon telecommunication by bringing them close to cloud capabilities and connectivity. Go Here for related Information.

Haroldo was brought up and raised by two incredible civil engineers who influence him to choose a career in Civil engineering. His mother is also among the first Brazilian women civil engineers as she is the seventh female civil engineer in the country.