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Fortress Investment Group LLC is a private equity firm that is based in New York. The company is led by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone, who has been in the private equity business for many years.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC was created by assembling a group of wealthy and successful entrepreneurs and financial experts. This group of associates united to pool their experience and knowledge to make successful investments and to reduce the risk of investment for their investors. They started this venture in 1998. The name of the company has stuck and is known to investors all over the world. They have managed to make their mark on the world scene through their many success stories and are now considered to be among the top three private equity firms in the world today.

The Fortress Group is a private equity firm that manages several funds. The funds are used for varied reasons and purposes including working capital funding, acquisitions, and investment.

The Leveraged Debt Funds are those used for short-term needs and are intended to be used as emergency funding. The investments made with these funds can increase the cash flow of the company and thus enable it to purchase equipment or pay salaries. However, if the need for cash arises later, the equity will have to be liquidated to fulfill the purpose. The Convertible Debt Funds on the other hand are used for long-term investments with the view to convert them into tangible assets.

Another fund category in which Fortress Investment Group specializes is the Common Equity Funds and is used for investments in businesses dealing with chemicals, energy, biotechnology, health care, telecommunication, finance, and entertainment. These investments are considered to be very stable and offer good returns, but they are also subjected to market risks. These risks are factored in such that the income from these common equity investments may not suffice in the case of a financial crisis.

One of the most important factors that are looked into when deciding upon which of the many Fortress Investment Group New York listings to invest in is the history and performance of the company. You want to make sure that the company is stable and can sustain itself in the tough market. Many successful companies that are members of the Fortress Investment group have shown that they can survive and prosper in tough times. They have been able to overcome the problems and still come out ahead.