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Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has been steadily on the rise for several years. He currently serves as CEO and Managing Partner at MAIS Consulting, which he founded in 2010. As a leader within the company, Krishen Iyer´s goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into success stories that change industries and create positive changes worldwide. 


His personal experience with entrepreneurship combined with his global perspective makes him uniquely qualified for this role. Krishen Iyer is the founder and CEO of MAIS consultants. The firm’s clients include companies like GSK, McDonald’s, and other Fortune 500 leaders. Krishen Iyer has also served as a board member at Finch Therapeutics since 2015. Krishen’s motivation for founding the company was his desire to provide entrepreneurs with global business contacts to help them succeed in their endeavours.


Successful CEO Krishen Iyer founded MAIS consultants back in 2010 after receiving entrepreneurial training from MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service program around the same period. During this period, Krishen worked on various ventures within India, including Spatial Dimensions (his first venture) and iYogi Solutions Pvt Ltd (Econotimes).


Just recently, Krishen Iyer has worked along with Indian Home Health Care Inc., EIH Ltd., and EIH Software Services Pvt. Ltd. to his customer portfolio. Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneurial-minded person who advises entrepreneurs to learn about the business they are in. He assesses their strengths and weaknesses, he leads them to be passionate about what they do. As a business consultant, he advises them to surround themselves with good people who support them, knows how to keep a balance between work and personal life (he is married), and finds the courage within oneself when times get tough. Krishen Iyer believes that entrepreneurs should not over-analyze or micromanage every little detail because it can lead to paralysis by analysis.

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