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Miki Agrawal is a well-known social entrepreneur. She started her journey at the gluten-free pizza restaurant, the WILD in New York.

Miki Agrawal is also the founder of THINX. The company manufactures sanitary underwear for reusable periods. Her company also makes sanitary pad donations to schoolgirls in Uganda. Lately, MIKI has founded TUSHY, a company that creates modern and affordable bidets among other quality bathroom products.

The main reason why Miki Agrawal founded TUSHY was to fight the sanitation crisis in the world. In addition, toilet papers are ineffective and are also a source of health issues for many individuals. Some of these health problems include hemorrhoids, UTIs, Yeast infections, anal itching, and Fissures.

Toilet paper manufacturing has also led to the destruction of the environment through the harvesting of trees. In America alone, 15 million trees are harvested per year for the production of tissue papers.

Tissue Paper shortages due to Covid-19 resulted in an increased demand for TUSHY products. The company made over ten times the projected revenue with over $1 million sales in a single day. TUSHY bidet installation takes about 10 minutes; thus, no hassle on toilet papers anymore.

Apart from successful businesses worth over $200 million, she is also a writer. She has written two bestselling books DsruptHer and Do Cool Sh*t.

In addition, Miki is a mother, wife, and identical twin sister to Radha Agrawal, the founder of Daybreaker. Miki Agrawal has received numerous awards and was named by Inc Magazine as Most Impressive Women Entrepreneur.

Miki Agrawal loves questioning things that don’t make sense around her. She has been fundamental in bringing remarkable changes in the American culture.