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Luke Lazarus is an Australian consulting firm owner, who is an entrepreneur.

Lazarus became interested in becoming a businessman when he was 8 and continued to operate his own business until he graduated from high school.

In high school, Lazarus maintained a steady 4.0 status.

After high school graduation, many college and university administrators in the United States and Australia tried to recruit Lazarus as a student.

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Lazarus enrolled in Melbourne Business School and earned his MBA.

After college graduation, he turned down all the job offers he received, so he could focus on startup businesses.

At twenty-five, Lazarus had already started and operated four startups.

At thirty-three, Lazarus sold all his businesses and earned enough money to retire, but he chose to continue working with startup businesses, business owners, and budding entrepreneurs.

Lazarus used the money he received from selling his businesses to begin a new business called Luke Lazarus Consulting in Sydney, Australia, over twenty years ago.

New businesses do not fail because of a lack of passion.

New business owners do not know how to perform every business function to help them succeed in the business world.

Luke Lazarus studied the trends of the 2020s.

The onset of the pandemic has added new trends for decades.

Social media sites are posting for startup companies.

Many companies are using mobile apps to pay for goods and services.

More people are using Google recognition on their phones, tablets, and computers.

There are seven media platforms that showcase his public media platforms for his business.

Lazarus believes that it is important to spend time with friends, connect with family members, and have lots of contact with potential customers.

One must have a routine fitness schedule. It is important to learn to give back to the community.

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