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Robert Bob Bull is a young, charming man whose interest is in seeing his older friends get the best in their last days of this hard life. Through his words and actions, Robert Bull has shown that it is possible for anyone with a willing heart to provide tangible solutions in a world filled with all sorts of uncertainty. In England, a country whose 40% of the inhabitants are aged beyond 45 years, it is reasonable to believe that there could be a challenge of ensuring that these group of people get the best living conditions.

While the government is doing all it can to ensure it provides quality life and comfortable housing for all, it is not easy especially now that the world is also battling the rise in coronavirus cases. For this reason, Robert Bull, the Chief Executive Officer of RoyaleLife, a startup whose aim is to ensure the elderly live a comfortable life during their last days is doing all he can to make his dream a reality. At the moment, Robert Bull is employing a simple yet practical model. Bull buys homes from people who are willing to exchange their condos or any other houses in exchange for a much smaller yet convenient bungalow. This model has worked for Robert Bull because RoyaleLife has built small but comfortable houses for the elderly in areas such as Hampshire, Kent, and Dorset.

The other way Robert Bull is employing is by buying the houses at a slightly higher price, something that gives the homeowners a profit of about £100,000. By doing this, Robert is making RoyaleLIfe the only premium home exchange program that gives the elderly not just the comfort they are seeking in their last days on earth but also leaves them with a surplus to use while living in those bungalows and more