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NumbersUSA Action is an Arlington-based nonprofit advocacy group attempting to minimize the number of immigrants that enter the United States annually. The group also operates the NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation that offers immigration education to policymakers. It was founded by Roy Beck and focused on persuading public officials to support immigration laws that protect all Americans from losing their wages and freedom.

The group was formed consequently from arguments made by two national commissions in the year 1996. The United States commission was the first to forward its argument on Immigration Reforms that sought to minimize immigrants to 500,000 immigrants annually. The second commission was the Presidential Taskforce on Population and Consumption under President Bill Clinton, which sought to reduce immigration numbers more than the United States commission had proposed.

NumbersUSA main goal is to limit the number of immigrants and advocate for continued permanent immigration under three categories which are immigrants with extraordinary skills that are of interest to the United States, special needs refuges with no likelihood of returning to their native countries, and the nuclear family including individuals married or adopted by United States Citizens. The group advocate for the eradication of extended families, visa lottery, and foreign workers without extraordinary skills.

Further, NumbersUSA seeks to eradicate illegal immigration and, in its place, open a visiting policy that allows students to study in the United States. Tourists can also visit the United States, and other nationalities can visit their relatives for an extended period under the policy.

Following the NumbersUSA website, this policy entails introducing an automated system that would deny employment and benefits received by taxpayers to foreign nationalities who are illegally present or who are visiting. The systems would also reject birthright citizenship requests by illegal and legal visitors and track the visitors who violate their visas. Read this article to learn more.


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