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Online Trading Academy has recently launched an online trading platform that allows inexperienced retail investors and traders to learn methodologies and strategies to become future traders. It is after opening the OTA Research Center. Technology and internet access have made it easier for new markets for investors and traders to invest in the financial markets. Having access to smartphones, tablets has allowed students to learn new strategies helping them become better traders. By training over 80,000 students in recent years worldwide, OTA has grown the number of employees.

Online Trading Academy has also seen an increase in revenue annually. Mike Richardson, CEO of, OTA has reported the rise in the number of new investors and traders seeking information on the venture. However, there is a gap between those relaying the data and those in need of learning. Preliminary research into this segment has led to many persons missing the opportunity to learn this field. In addition, the difference in the level of knowledge between educated and uneducated traders and investors creates a lack of research. For close to two decades, Online Trading Academy has provided students with lifelong education to become prolific.

Online Trading Academy gives the traders and investors an option to weigh up the information and decide for themselves the practical perspectives. By publishing the Online Trading Academy Research Center with data developed by their team of experienced tutors. They build their research data tailor-made to give the learners in-depth knowledge on trading. Surveys on the developing topics done in time will help report the current issues affecting the financial markets. Creating a board of advisors with experience in the field will equip the learners with cutting-edge research. Click, a trading platform by Online Trading Academy has extensive course materials to assist the learners in undertaking better research.

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