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Peter Briger holds the position of Co-Chairman of the board of directors and a principal of Fortress. He didn’t start at these particular positions; he had to work his way up in the company. Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2002 as a member of the Management Committee; it took Peter Briger four years to become a member of the board of directors. While serving as a member of the board of directors, Briger was elected Co-Chairman in August 2009. Though Briger has been elected to a higher position, he still remains over the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress.

Peter Briger didn’t become Co-Chairman by luck. He worked hard to gain knowledge and experience during his career path. His education journey began at the Princeton University where he received a B.A. After receiving a B.A degree from Princeton, Briger enrolled at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His hard work and dedication allowed him to receive a M.B.A. Equipped with two degrees Briger sought to obtain a job in his field. His degrees allowed him to receive a position at Goldman Sachs in 1987. After about nine years at the company, he was promoted to the position of partner in 1996. Partner was not the only position that was held by Briger. He also served under a host of positions such as Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business, Co-Head of Whole loan Sales and Trading business, and also Co-Head of Fixed Income Principal Investments Group. Also, while at Goldman’s Sachs Briger helped to found Goldman’s Special Situations Group a year after he made partner in the company. His newly founded group was able to make trades that were secretive and highly profitable. These trades helped to raise Goldman’s Sachs revenue and profits.

When Peter Briger left Goldman’s Sachs, he proved that his success was not contingent upon where he works. The same drive and work ethics he had at Goldman’s Sachs transferred to Fortress. While at Fortress he and his team were able to raise about 4.7 billion dollars during his first quarter of being employed at Fortress. This success story is just one of many and shows Peter Briger’s capabilities.