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Robert Kraft has been a long-time philanthropist who has improved lives across the world. He has a strong passion for sports. In a recent move, he started advocating for hosting the world cup 2026 games at Gillette Stadium. The stadium requires few improvements to host the games, but he is fully prepared to mobilize other like-minded people to make the stadium meet the world standards to host the games. Many sports fans are expected to enjoy the fun at the stadium.

Bringing 2026 World Cup to Gillette Stadium

The stadium requires different forms of organization to host the games. Robert Kraft came up with strategies that work towards improving the stadium. For instance, they will carry out few renovations and other additions to make the stadium ready. The stadium has been in use for several years. They have synthetic grass, but Robert Kraft promises to review the dormant irrigation systems and have natural turf.

Gillette Stadium’s upgrade

The stadium is in good shape. Officials from FIFA visited Robert Kraft to discuss the state of the stadium. They had to check out different stadium features before they could decide whether to have in among the stadium that would host part for the games. The officials from FIFA had to take few steps and decide whether the games would be held at the stadium or not. The stadium can host more than 300,000 people.

Approval for six matches

The stadium officials are looking forward to applying for six games. The approval will make the official do few renovations to the sports venue. Some of the things they propose to do include removing some of the side seating so that the field can meet the width requirements. It is a job that Robert Kraft and his team are promising to do fast to be ready for the sporting season. See related link for additional information.


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