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RoyaleLife’s chief executive officer, Robert Bull, alias Bob Bull is the real depiction of a transformative leader. Under his leadership, RoyaleLife has experienced tremendous growth and prowess in providing sustainable housing solutions for its clients. The company specializes in providing affordable bungalow houses to people aged above 45 years.

Bob Bull’s motivation towards bungalow housing was his belief that life after employment does not have to sit hard on anyone. He sought to fill the gap that existed due to an increase in the demand for single-story houses. Traditional house developers began to shift their concentration to apartments and family houses, ceasing to prioritize bungalows. RoyaleLife, under the authorship of Robert Bull, seeks to offer a hustle-free transitioning experience for retirees who wish to have a turnaround in their lives.

The highly guarded gated communities entail a serene and carefree environment. The communities are equipped with recreational facilities located within the beautiful, superb regions of the UK. Members have the advantage of cordial social interactions as they share in many different aspects of life, given their age uniformity. As a result, the bonding gives them a feeling of identity. Residents get to enjoy the things they love to do freely without disruptions. The kind of life at Royale Life communities is what would be advised on during such difficult moments as the ones caused by the pandemic.

Through RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange program initiative highly advocated for by Robert Bull, retirees are given a chance to scale down to an affordable and manageable lifestyle. The program facilitates selling one’s current home at the prevailing market rates, followed by a purchase of RoyaleLife’s bungalow. If the amount for which the home is sold exceeds the cost of a bungalow at Royale Life, the excess is cashed to the client. The extra cash is undoubtedly a huge boost to retirees.

At RoyaleLife, the quality of life is enhanced as they offer elegantly furnished single-story houses to their clients. Robert Bull and his team acknowledge that moving is never easy and voluntarily offer to relieve their clients of the burden. They guide their clients through the transitioning journey to ensure they achieve a comfortable lifestyle.

Robert Bull leads RoyaleLife with a focus on giving back to the community