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Simon Denyer has written multiple articles in Washington Post about how the next major sporting event should be organized and who should be receiving the rights to host the events. This comes at a time when the world feels that Japan was forced to hold the Olympics despite all the major challenges it was facing. Obviously, there was no other country that was willing to host the event during a difficult period.

According to Simon Denyer, the sporting committees around the world should always pay attention to the organizations that have been very focused and consistent in their applications of the law. Currently, most sporting organizations around the world have not proved to be effective as they ought to have demonstrated during the difficult period. They should have been very effective and aggressive in ensuring that they were supporting the country that was hosting such events.

Another writer has already published in the Washington Post that some of the leading countries in the world were not willing to incorporate any aspect that would help in ensuring that they were helping in taking part during the event despite the obvious challenges that Japan was facing. This means that other countries that had the necessary resources that could help in addressing all the challenges in the country were never concerned about the progress.

In this case, Simon Denyer notes that Japan should be highly respected by all the countries that participated in this event. It is necessary to communicate that the country was ready to incorporate some aspects that other countries were not willing to incorporate in their operations. Hosting such a major event during a pandemic is a clear illustration that the government was highly prepared to host the event without pushing some of the participants out of the balance by failing to host the event. Go Here for related Information.