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When disasters happen, they cause a lot of damage, or even people lose their lives in the process. That same situation happened when there was a hurricane several years back. The disaster destroyed many homes, most of which were from the less fortunate in society. Therefore, most of the affected families needed assistance from companies in their area to rebuild houses in New Orleans. Unfortunately, staff members at PosiGen knew that many firms charged exorbitant fees, which a significant percentage of the community could not afford. However, PosiGen solar power company charged reasonable prices that were friendly to the needy. 


Besides, they also introduced a program that could assist financially challenged families to get solar power in their homes. Anyone is welcome to join the program, and they are supposed to contribute some money in installments until they raise enough for the down payment. Then, the company installs solar power in their homes. This program at PosiGen solar power company has been beneficial, considering that most affected families could not afford the power installation fees. As a result, both the wealthy and needy families have power in their homes thanks to PosiGen.


The company has made power available without many conditions. As long as every family can raise the required amount, they get a power connection that lights up their homes for years. Since the company introduced the solar power leasing program, more than 1000 needy families have benefited from it. PosiGen has a working procedure that all the employees follow during installation. First, they inspect the roofs skillfully to determine the solar panel to install in each home. They then install the solar professionally and offer advice on the best power-saving strategies.

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