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Miki Agrawal might be at the top of her field currently but this kind of success did not just happen overnight. So how was she able to pull this off? Well, she was born & raised somewhere in Canada & tried her best to do well in high school. But she knew it wouldn’t matter since she was going to do her own thing in the end anyway. As she got to the end of her HS career, she opted to enroll at Cornell.


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It was not her first choice but she was able to get in so she figured why not. It was there that she opted to study business & this proved to be quite useful in the long run. As her time there came to an end, Miki Agrawal tried to meet with her advisor so they could talk about what she could do when she was done with college.

It was there that she decided to be an influencer & took this goal to heart. As she prepared to graduate in 2001, she was given a job offer from Deutsche Bank. She did know if she should take it at first but is glad that she did in the long run.

So she served as one of their analysts for almost 2 years until she opted to move on to broader horizons. This is why Miki Agrawal soon started Thinx, a business that ensures all women have access to the toiletries they need at a decent price. First started in 2011, it went on to be a big success as she was able to go public with the company not long after she started. She is proud of all the work she has done over the years & is now living in the greater NYC area.

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