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Tieks are fashionable ballet flats made by a company named Hand-Eye Supply. The heels have a little platform on them, so they don’t rub into the floor when you walk. They are typically worn with socks or tights because they are leather (or pleather) and do not breathe, which could cause sweaty feet. Tieks has sold Italian-leather ballet flats since 2012 and expanded its line to include binged-out ballet flats and gender-neutral styles for children.

When customers buy Tieks at retail price, 50% of the net proceeds gets donated to various animal rescue organizations that work with dogs and cats by providing shelter, food, healthcare, spay/neuter services, and adoption programs. Kfir Gavrieli established a charitable organization that empowers women. They provide women with education and access to technology.

Moreover, he’s heavily involved in alleviating the plights of needy ones affected by the corona pandemic. Gavrieli donated medical equipment and funds to find a coronavirus cure and improve the healthcare of those affected by it. In addition, every year, Gavrieli sets up a table at The International Youth Foundation’s Annual Board Meeting Gala Dinner, where he invites kids from underprivileged families at no cost so that they can enjoy their time with him.

Further, Gavrieli inspires people to be heroes by challenging them to perform heroic acts. His company came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of the sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team. Tieks Company is a popular lender at KIVA and has extended microloans to women of color worthy ten million dollars and above.

He encourages people to donate their time and resources so that they can help others. He states that everyone has something to contribute to society; it’s not just about money. He dreams of a world where people are there for each other, and everyone is kind. Gavrieli states that his family played a significant role in his success, and they are his biggest supporters. His parents have always pushed him to think bigger and better. Gavrieli worked at Nordstrom, where he learned how retail works. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


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