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Wes Edens currently heads up the team at New Fortress Energy (NFE). He serves as the firm’s chief executive offers as well as its chairman. The innovative company has recently made a major announcement about a deal that has been agreed upon with the country of Mauritania. The Mauritanian government has signed an MOU with Wes Edens and the team at NFE. This MOU involves a deal that includes an energy hub development project. The hub will involve the reserves of gas that are present offshore from the Mauritanian coast. The energy involved in the hub includes power, blue ammonia, and natural gas. 


NFE is going to be able to employ an innovative liquefaction technology under the scope of this MOU. This innovative technology is called FAST LNG. Liquefied natural gas will be provided to local markets as well as to the export market. The team at NFE will also be supplying natural gas to the new 120MW power plant that is going to be developed. The deal also sees the firm supplying the current Somolec Power Plant. Wes Edens has noted that this MOU is going to make a big difference in providing reliable, affordable power that can help to promote Mauritania’s economic growth. It will also play a role in helping the world to move toward the use of cleaner fuels. 


New Fortress Energy has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading energy infrastructure firms. The goal of the business operation at NFE is to speed up the world’s move toward clean energy use. To do so, the firm is consistently building and operating natural gas logistics and infrastructure that provide vital assistance with economic growth around the globe. This work is being done by the firm has great potential to transform local communities around the world.