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Robert Bull is the CEO of RoyaleLife. The company is located in Hampshire and was founded in 1945. It has grown and is recognized in the UK as the largest bungalow provider. Mr. Bull believes in assisting his customers in having a good living experience and being financially flexible. RoyaleLife has gated communities in the UK, built for people who are over 45 years old. Several companies in the UK are downsizing and the ones hiring are particular about who to hire. This led many elderly workers to be concerned about their ability to find new work.

Robert Bull is aiming at providing housing for the aging population in the United Kingdom. With RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange, those who want to retire can comfortably do so. The Home Part Exchange promises to buy homes from property owners at the current market price as long as they get to buy one of RoyaleLife’s bungalows. The exchanged bungalows are furnished hence the retirees get to live a comfortable life.

Robert Bull and his company opted for the Home Part Exchange program because of the practical benefits. The firm is working to make the moving process easy and provide workers with extra funds they can use. The bungalows were considered because they comprise a single floor. The residents will not worry about maintaining a multi-story home or falling down the stairs.

Mr. Bull is open-minded. He values listening and looking at things from a different perspective. He believes that his employees work with him and not for him. According to Mr. Bull, those who want to do everything alone are bound to fail. Robert Bull ensures that the new suggestions are well analyzed, and the pros and cons are known before deciding whether to move ahead with it. It has helped him remain at the top.

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